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Nott Foundation Visit

We were honored to host the @NottFoundation/@AFH_charity who traveled to Syria last week to conduct a 5-day intensive training course at Aqrabat Hospital for doctors and specialists throughout the region. The course helped develop and strengthen the skills and knowledge of 30 doctors who received the HEST certificate accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. @NottFoundation made a lasting impact on Syria’s medical community. Not only can the Dr’s implement these skills themselves, but they can carry on the knowledge by training their colleagues too.

ITV News, UK

We were honored to have @itvnews tour our hospital in Syria today where they visited victims from the earthquakes. They were saddened by the stories of our patients, but expressed admiration for our hospital, it’s size and the quality of our work.

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Action For Humanity (AFH) Surgical Mission

After a productive 5 days, we are pleased to announce that @AFH_charity partnered with @NottFoundation to run a surgical mission where surgeons from across the UK volunteered at Aqrabat Hospital in northwest #Syria to offer their skills and operate on our most urgent cases.

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